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Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

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Review: 2015 BMW R1200R - the R1200R Sees Red

Posted 06:00:00 PM
Filed under  Product Review BMW
Author: Jean-Francois Robert
Paris, France
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Since this is a translation directly from French, some of the colloquialism may seem a bit strange at times, for which I apologize. It's not easy to translate. Any mistakes below are mine, and mine alone.
BMW logo
Le Repaire des Motards logo
The 015 BMW R1200R test report was originally published in French on the Le Repaire des Open lerepairedesmotards link in a new window web site.

Click here to read the original review of the Review: 2015 BMW R1200R - the R1200R Sees Red Open Click here to read the original review of the 2015 BMW R1200R - the R1200R Sees Red link in a new window (in French)
the R1200R Sees Red

Continuing to expand its range, BMW's new water engine in a roadster abandons the iconic front suspension Paralever in favor of a conventional "inverted fork". Discovery and testing in Alicante in south-eastern Spain of the new BMW R1200R.

For a long time the only engine present in the BMW catalog, the flat longitudinal twin was almost abandoned by the brand in the mid 80s to the benefit of 3 & 4 flat cylinders for their "tourism" range. But faced with discontent among its customers, the manufacturer went back, boosting production of the "RT". Today, this engine is again the centerpiece of the range, with the GS and an RT that drive sales counters crazy. Completely redesigned in 2013, the flat-twin has totally changed, leaving behind the "automobile" structure, engine / transmission separate and a dry clutch, in favor of a more common motorcycle: engine / transmission in a single block + disc clutch in oil bath. On this occasion, the manufacturer has the opportunity to rotate the admissions at 90°, those - one from the back, above the cylinder. A technical detail of importance regarding the ergonomics of the bike, we will come back to this later. More sparkling than ever, the new flat extends its grip, with almost 6 models in the catalog, if you count the air-cooled Nine T and the future RS which will arrive in 2015.


100% new, the R 1200 R inaugurates a superb tubular trellis frame designed to receive a conventional front fork. Why this choice, is it a flashback or otherwise progress? Neither one nor the other in absolute terms, but the reasons for these are many esthetically first, BMW wanted a true classic roadster, with a look perfectly modern. Something impossible with a Telelever ...

Review 2015 BMW R1200R

It was also necessary to integrate as discreetly as possible the cooling radiator without harming the design, nor hiding the big flat. The engine is indeed central to the design of a roadster. With the lower triangle of the Telelever mobilizing all the space behind the front wheel, it was impossible. Final point, they also needed a typical "roadster" behavior, and it is known that the Telelever does not shine by the feedback it gives the rider. In short, in face of all these esthetic and technical constraints, it was decided to adopt a telescopic fork. Still on the subject of esthetics, we note that the new R 1200 R has become both refined and modernized. The front fork is simplified by the more "limpid", she also receives a small seductive headlight, surmounted by a remarkably fine dashboard. The fuel tank lowered in its rear part refines the bike, while the back itself, very fine and shortened by 12 cm compared to the old version, alleviates the line as a whole. In short, this new version is definitely sexier than the former, especially in its white version with a red frame! With this set of amendments, the R1200 R really enters the family of roadsters, although its target is not as sporty as that of a Tuono, a KTM Super Duke R or S1000R for example. Its power is also not the same either. Its competitors are the Honda CB 1000 R, Yamaha FZ1 or Triumph Speed Triple and Kawasaki Z1000 or at the limit the Ducati Monster 1200.

Review 2015 BMW R1200R

In The Saddle

Very narrow at the fuel tank level and the front of the saddle, this BMW is very easy to access. With the original 790 mm saddle, you very easily put both feet on the ground, even if one does not measure 1,70 m. An optional 760 mm version is available, while two higher versions are also available; 820 and 840 mm. Due to the narrowness of the bike you can and should above all, take advantage by opting for a higher saddle. On the one hand because the legs are less bent and partly because the increase in seat height improves the behavior of the bike, as we have seen during our rides. In short, big or small, focus on high saddles, because they are never "very high", thanks to the good ergonomics of the cockpit. It is the turning admissions of 90° that the manufacturer was able to free up space in the area and fine-tune the bike. It is true that once sitting down, legs are slightly apart and you are properly installed.

The dashboard, configurable in three display modes, offers a wealth of useful information. The standard configuration includes two display areas, always with the speedometer needle on the left and a rev counter in graph form on the right. In sport mode, the space dedicated to the rev counter increases, while in touring mode, it is the opposite, it disappears, the speed is also displayed digitally, in addition to the needle.

Review 2015 BMW R1200R

Two points however, due to the extraordinary engine availability you don't really care about the rpm counter, while the speedometer is difficult to read with small digits on the needle. So the Tourism mode is relevant, even and especially when riding fast, if one wants to avoid excesses. Note the red zone at 9000 rpm, but a limiter that kicks in 250 rpm before.

In The City

Pressing the starter and the twin flat reveals a hoarse sound. With very little inertia, it easily revs. At each throttle stroke, a serious roar signals the opening of the exhaust valve. Whao... it is appetizing, we have water in our mouth and say, just by the sound, that this engine is full everywhere. Indeed, BMW claims more than 100 Nm over the useful revs range with a maximum of 125 Nm at 6500 rpm. The air box has been reworked and the specific exhaust gives it extra pep at half speed.

We move to the first gear without clunking and the stylish roadster takes off smoothly. The engine is flexible, as are the controls and the seating is comfortable with a fairly upright position, we have a good view without contortion. Here we are very comfortable to navigate at low speed, with a quite decent turning circle. The 880 mm length overall is certainly not that of a utility 125cc, but the R 1200 R is not a ship. Once launched, in low speed roundabouts, the steering is sometimes a little droopy, but nothing that turns a city tour into an event. Despite the many options available on our test bike, the ergonomics of the handlebar is correct, like the mirrors that requires no unpleasant comments. Very civilized, this roadster will lend itself obviously without complaints to daily exercises.

Review 2015 BMW R1200R

On Secondary Roads

Normally a roadster is a player and likes roads that twist. With a 1515 mm wheelbase and a column angle of 27.7 °, our BMW does not display properly the current values of the of sporting roadster. However, thanks to its flat twin engine, she has a low center of gravity which allows you to take the changing angles easily. You can throw the bike into curve after curve, while still having the feeling of a long motorcycle, more docile than dynamic, like what its competitors may have. It's not bad, far from it! Here the manufacturer has privileged stability and security over pure & hard efficiency, which can be found with the ultra sporty roadsters. A compromise that was voluntary and assumed, something that surprises in the beginning with its "nice" side. However, very fast, you recognize that the motorcycle is very obedient and when the rhythm accelerates, everything goes well. Everything goes even better than good, especially when you have the higher saddle. While with the standard 790 mm saddle, you are seated like a grandfather and the motorcycle is not very dynamic, but when sitting a bit higher, your riding gets easier, as well as maneuvering your handlebars and pushing down on your foot pegs. You really gain a lot in the vivacity and ease of riding. Even with my 1M67, I tested the 840 mm saddle and it was even better. With significant displacements for the category, (140/140 mm, with a common standard at 125 mm, or 10% less), comfort is excellent, especially with the ESA version we tested. The Electronic Suspension Adjustment allows easy and optimal adjustment to the usage conditions. Sport, comfort, duo, solo. With a small push of a button, the R1200R's suspension is easily set... at a surcharge of €785. In the basic version, you have to be content with a fork (not anodized Gold) without adjustment and a rear shock only adjustable for preload and rebound. It changes everything! A word about ground clearance which will be correct for 95% of users. The more knowledgeable will eliminate the optional center stand at €135, thus they shed a little weight, and then because of the shaft drive, we do not need to grease the chain!

Review 2015 BMW R1200R

On Highways

Continue our testing on faster roads. No problem really, the engine can really breath! It extracts you out of the curves with its hoarse voice with a strong push. We take this opportunity to pass to the "dynamic" mode, which offers a more lively response of the electronic throttle. You can choose between rain (rain), Road (normal configuration, "road") and the sport mode "dynamic". In all three configurations, power remains at 125 hp at 7750 rpm, but with one rotation of the throttle, the driver has more, or less power.

Example 1/3 of the power at 1/3 of the throttle in "road" mode, but only 1/4 in "Rain" mode and 50% in "dynamic" mode, with in all three cases 100% power at maximum throttle opening. In fact, in the dynamic mode, the large flat twin will seriously kick you in the buttocks. No worries, the traction control (DTC) is keeping watch, at least on our test bike equipped with the "riding mode pro" (+€310).

In the basic version you must be content with a simple traction control (ASR), which is only there to prevent evasions on slippery roads at low speeds, but is not intended to improve fast driving. Anyway, the flat really pushes hard and is not stingy in its sensations throughout its range. Although upset by colleagues who are champing at the bit behind the opener, we take advantage of the excellent shifter (optional to €385) to change gear without cutting the throttle, to be rewarded with a small detonation coming from the exhaust after the gas and ignition small micro-cut. It's addictive!

Review 2015 BMW R1200R

With a bit more dexterity, you can also downgrade clutchless, choosing the right time, since the shifter also manages the throttle opening in this phase. It really is magical and that gearbox is a delight. The older riders, who remember being mocked by the slow and "klonking" characteristic of BMW gearboxes, will be delighted. This is just as remarkable as before, but for its quality, pleasure and efficiency this time. Controlling the R1200 R on a winding road, up and down the gears, is like playing on velvet.

Review 2015 BMW R1200R

On Motorways

We did not do enough of it, but still recommend the elegant windshield for those who would travel far behind the handlebars, because despite its small size, it seems effective, or more accurately, without it, you will regret even more cruelly its absence. It's again an option at €185. For this purpose, the R 1200 R remains well armed. No vibration, long gear ratio (halfway between that of the GS and RT), so a mechanical purring without forcing. Added to that an autonomy which just right, thanks to a 18 L tank despite its narrowness and an appetite that seems reasonable.

Our onboard computer says between 6 and 6.5 liters per 100 km, at a speed that was not reasonable. You can also use a cruise control .. for €330. Travellers will also appreciate the baggage holders, at €145, the panniers holders at €100 and the heated hand grips with 2 levels, at €210. Bags are also proposed. With all its options, you can have a roadster during the week and a multi-use touring bike for the holidays. Note the optional pillion comfort saddle for €80. Sorry to be mentioning money all the time, but that is the hard reality.

Review 2015 BMW R1200R


With 231 Kg fully fueled, two 320 mm discs, radial 4-piston calipers, coupling forward/reverse at the lever (but not at the foot pedal) and an ABS that is quickly forgotten, the R 1200 R is blameless at this level. In the absence of the Telelever, the bike plunges "normally" when braking, but without excess, due to its low center of gravity and long wheelbase. However, the rider gains in feeling, here we feel very well what is happening under the front wheel. Let's mention that in the basic version the calipers are black and you'll need to take the sports version for gold ones.

Review 2015 BMW R1200R


Let's start with the price, €13,400 excluding options ... and options there is plethora. On our test bike, they exceeded €3,000. You decide what you deem essential. However, we regret not having been able to try a basic version without ESA, to try original suspensions. But know that if the catalog allows you to compose your roadster of your dreams, it will seriously inflate your budget. However, count on a good resale value, specific to the brand, if it is any consolation. Besides, the old R 1200 R has sold 50,000 copies since 2006, a figure the new one is expected to far exceed with its seductive abilities.

Review 2015 BMW R1200R


Very successful, this new BMW will not compete with the Superduke R. It leaves this thankless task to its sister the S 1000 R. The R 1200 R is in a softer register, more civilized but also more versatile. Its 125 HP is more than enough to make sweet craziness, safe with excellent performance of the chassis and engine. We do not regret the Telelever, the adoption of the fork is very successful, the transplant has taken well. The gearbox, exquisite, becomes downright magic with the shifter. An option that we highly recommend if you like riding. With the BMW R 1200 R signals a smart roadster, which will seduce those who like thrills and efficiency. A successful motorcycle, well-born, well drawn, which should have a great career, despite a premium price, faithful to brand positioning. Decidedly, this new "flat on water" does not stop pleasantly surprising us. Whether its for adventure or traveling and having fun now, it still has a good trick up its sleeve!

Strong PointsWeak Points
  • Full engine everywhere
  • Friendly and evocative sound
  • Excellent chassis
  • ABS braking without reproach
  • Versatility
  • Driveability and real sense of security
  • Higher base price than the competition
  • Many options, which often are themselves indispensable
  • Relative inertia in sporty driving at a very high pace
  • Less vivacity in behavior than in other roadsters

Via: Le Repaire Des Motards

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Brazil: Reindeer Motorcycle Food Delivery - WTF?

Posted 02:00:00 PM
Filed under  Entertainment Funny
Author: Mike Werner
Normandy, France
click to see where Brazil is on the map
frame image
Sometimes a man has got to do what a man has got to do! In this case, a Lebanese restaurant in Sao Paulo Click for map, Brazil wanted to attract more customers for their food delivery service. You know... those guys riding around on scooters, like pizza deliveries, bring you piping hot food to your doorstep so you'll not miss a single second of that important football game.

So last year, some "smart" marketing person decided to dress up the delivery motorcycle as a reindeer. Considering that it was during the Christmas season, it makes sense.. right?

Habib Reindeer Delivery Service

Well, first of all, Sao Paulo in December is in the midst of their summer season, with sauna-like temperatures, so the delivery riders can't really get dressed up as Santa to bring the food. So it does spoil the reindeer effect a bit. Santa and reindeer mix well, reindeer and delivery guy doesn't.

Secondly, a Lebanese food delivery??? But Lebanon is largely Muslim, and they don't celebrate Christmas.

Well, whatever the reasoning and the efforts, it's still a funny and nice sight to see. Have a look at the video below.

Habib's - Moto-rena (case) from Wolfgang F. Covi on Vimeo.

Via: SWSINMBTAPSource Web Site Is Not Mentioned Because They Are Pricks.

Normally between web sites, when you find data for an article on someone's site, you mention where you found it, usually with a Via or Source link.

Some sites see themselves above everyone else (or afraid that their readers go elsewhere), and never or rarely mention others. Since these sites have been doing this to me, I have decided not to mention them.

Why should I?

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Indonesia: Another City Wanting To Ban Motorcycles - Jakarta

Posted 08:00:00 AM
Filed under  Travel
Author: Mike Werner
Normandy, France
click to see where Indonesia is on the map
frame image
This is becoming an epidemic (see related below). More and more politicians think that with a knee-jerk reaction they can save the day, probably save their luxury-affording job. More and more politicians think that by striking out to the motorcycle community, they solve all problems, including world hunger, world peace and world wars.

Yet again, here is a country and city, in this case the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, that thinks it can push down the accidents and traffic problems that are plaguing their city by doing exactly what they shouldn't be doing ... banning motorcycles.

That's right, Jakarta is planning on banning motorcycle in the main roads of their capital. Anyone with more than a room temperature IQ can tell you that this will not work, and will instead move the problem elsewhere.

You know what will work? Well, first of all, ban politicians, but I guess they'll never vote for such a law. Else, just ban cars! No more traffic jams and far less accidents. Or like in the second photo below, let motorcycles ride in the bus lanes.

Motorcyclist Jakarta Traffic
© REUTERS/Beawiharta

Reuters logo
A motorist rides his motorbike between cars on a main road in Jakarta December 16, 2014. Jakarta's transportation agency plans to ban motorcycles from riding on some of the capital's main roads to push down the number of traffic accidents, local media reported on Tuesday. REUTERS/Beawiharta

Motorcyclist Jakarta Traffic
© REUTERS/Beawiharta

Reuters logo
A motorist rides his motorbike through a public bus lane on a main road in Jakarta December 16, 2014. Jakarta's transportation agency plans to ban motorcycles from riding on some of the capital's main roads to push down the number of traffic accidents, local media reported on Tuesday. REUTERS/Beawiharta

Read related articles
Sunday, June 29th, 2014 - Lebanon: Another Country Curfews Motorcycles

Jail Time For Biker
Lebanon flag
Beirut, Lebanon has placed a curfew on all motorcycles from riding at night. The brainless politicians in the government have made a stupid law, for stupid reasons with a predictable stupid reaction. How stupid can you get? Did I mention that I think this is stupid?
Saturday, May 17th, 2014 - Yemen: Smart Bikers Step Around Motorcycle Ban

Yemen Motorcycle Ban Change
Yemen flag
Yemen has a ban on motorcycles, but smart bikers saw a way out of the ban by placing self-made sidecars on their motorcycles, and now the ban does not apply to them. Smart.
Saturday, February 1st, 2014 - Venezuela: Another Crazy Anti-Motorcycle Law

Venezuela Protest 201401
Venezuela flag
Another country, another stupid law - Venezuela wants to ban motorcycle riding at night!! Massive protests ensue.
Sunday, November 24th, 2013 - Nigeria: Motorcycle Taxi Ban - Security: 1 - Unemployment: 0

Okada protest
Nigeria flag
Last year's ban on motorcycle taxi in Nigeria has paid of for security, but not for unemployment & poverty.
Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 - Liberia: Another African Country To Forbid Motorcycles

Penh pehn Liberia
Liberia flag
More and more countries are forbidding motorcycles from riding in Africa. Latest country is Liberia, where yet again the motorcycle taxis are at 'fault'. The Liberian government is saying that there are so many fatal accidents with the motorcycle taxis, aka 'pehn-pehns', that they have banned motorcycles from the main roads of the capital.

Via: News Yahoo & Reuters

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

frame image

Video: Cool and Sexy TV Commercial - Demons Cycle

Posted 06:00:00 PM
Filed under  Ads Video Feeds
Author: Mike Werner
Normandy, France
frame image
Demons Cycle logo
Wow. Nice TV commercial from Demons Cycle Open Demons Cycle link in a new window, a custom motorcycle builder. For this video, they used a) some hot motorcycles, b) some hot music and c) some hot barley dressed girls.

Yes, I know, it's sexist, but the guys are barely dressed as well, so maybe it's a pleasure for all genders.

Have a look...

Technorati :

Xmas 2014 - Motorcycle Novelty Gift Ideas

Posted 04:00:00 PM
Filed under  Gifts Funny Ideas
Author: Mike Werner
Normandy, France
frame image
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
This is the final article with Christmas gift ideas for motorcycle lovers. This one is not about a single type of brand, but ti's all the fun stuff. The kind of gift you give as a laugh, since Christmas is also supposed to be fun.

The gift ideas are typically strange, weird or just fun to give/get. I hope that you wear able tog et some ideas in the series of Christmas gift ideas I showed you over the last 2 weeks.

Here are a few novelty gift ideas for you or some other motorcycle lover found on Amazon.

Full Disclosure: Any time you buy something on Amazon from one of my Amazon links enables me to get a few percentage points of commission on the product you buy, typically 5 to 7%. They are not vast fortunes, not even enough to pay for the hosting charges, but ever bit helps. Even if you don't buy a product featured, if you have followed the link, whatever else you buy during the visit result in a few dollars and cents sent my way.

Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia

The ideal book to keep you company when sitting the throne. Some trivial information, some vital information and some information you could really do without.

A total of 244 pages of information, enough to keep you busy almost every day while taking a x§&@#ù%.
Doggles Originalz Frame Goggles for Dogs with Smoke Lens

Your dog likes riding motorcycle with you? Get the canine its own googles, in this case Doggles.

The dog will look cool on your bike, with these smoked lenses. Two sizes are available; rat and elephant.
Steven Harris Mens Motorcycle Necktie

Even when dressed for the office, let your co-workers know where your priorities lie; a neck tie with motorcycles on them.

100% polyester and should fit most necks (NFL players do not need to apply).
Motorcycles Coloring Book

For kids all ages, including adults (well, from preschool to 8), a coloring book with motorcycles over the first 100 years of history.

48 pages for hours of children's pleasure.
Pork Chopper Biker Rubber Ducky

A bestseller for the last few years. Your own rubber biker ducky for those hours spent in your bath tub. It's about 4.5 inches tall.

Just don't forget to get out of the bath tub.
Motorcycle Shape Needle Creative Alarm Clock

The perfect alarm clock for any motorcycle lover; a clock shaped as a motorcycle.

Different colors exist.
Motorino Pizza Cutter

Love motorcycles/scooters and love pizzas? Now you can cut your warm pizza that was delivered on a scooter, with this scooter shaped pizza cutter.

2 by 2 inch steel blades. Fun!
Motorcycle USB Flash Drive

A Vespa scooter USB 2 flash drive with 8 Gb of storage. Just image "rolling" the flash drive to your computer to "park" in in the USB slot.

Ideal for offices....
Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

Another hot best seller; a kit that will make sure your kids love you and your neighbors hate you. Turns any bicycle into a motorcycle, well.. at least the sound of a motorcycle.

Perfect gift for kids ages 6 and up.

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France: New Anti-Motorcycle Radars Being Tested

Posted 02:00:00 PM
Filed under  France
Author: Mike Werner
Normandy, France
click to see where France is on the map
frame image
In the beginning, when the French started placing automatic digital radars, motorcycle riders escaped the speeding fines. That was because the radars were taking their expensive photos from the front. In France, like many other countries, there is a merit-point system on your driving license. When you get caught speeding (or other bad things), you forfeit points, until you have no license left. So the radars flashed you from the front in order to ensure that they got the actual driver of the vehicle, and the car's license plate. Since motorcycles don't have a license plate in the front, and they couldn't go for facial recognition, especially with a full face helmet, bikers escaped the hefty fines.

Then the authorities copped on, and discovered a treasure chest of previously untapped money; motorcycles. So they started placing radars that made the photo from the rear, capturing your bike's license plate. But ... that enabled you to say it wasn't you who was riding the motorcycle, since there was no photo of you, from the front.

So now, starting last week, the coppers are experimenting with two new radar units;

Double Camera Radar Unit

Radar Double faced

This radar unit is a traditional radar, but with two cameras, one in the front, and one in the rear. Your motorcycle gets first photographed from the front, therefore your face, then from the rear, taking a picture of your license plate.

Double Radar Unit

Radar Double faced

This unit consists of two radars, that are spread out by a few meters. They both take a photo of you and your motorcycle at the same time.

So I guess the only way to escape the license points reductions is to wear an integral helmet with a dark visor. You still get to pay the speeding fine, but you can say you loaned out the bike to a stranger.

The tests are conducted for 3 months over 4 locations. If they do end up making a lot more motorcyclists pay, then they will roll out these new radar around France.

The units are installed (or are about to be) at Feyzin on the 301 (Rhone), Lacanau on the 6 (Gironde), Saint-Laurent d'Arce on the 127 (Gironde) and the 6098 at Nice.

Via: Le Parisien

Technorati :

Xmas 2014 - Motorcycle Calendar Gift Ideas

Posted 11:00:00 AM
Filed under  Gifts Ideas
Author: Mike Werner
Normandy, France
frame image
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
Calendars depicting motorcycles are always a great gift to give during Christmas. They are always welcome by motorcycle lovers the world over, especially if they have nice photos of motorcycles on them. Here are a few motorcycle calendars for you to give (or receive) during the festive season.

Almost all of them have a theme; racing, brand or girls (sorry ladies, I could only find one with guys on them).

Here are a few motorcycle calendar ideas for you or some other motorcycle lover found on Amazon (plus one not on Amazon).

Full Disclosure: Any time you buy something on Amazon from one of my Amazon links enables me to get a few percentage points of commission on the product you buy, typically 5 to 7%. They are not vast fortunes, not even enough to pay for the hosting charges, but ever bit helps. Even if you don't buy a product featured, if you have followed the link, whatever else you buy during the visit result in a few dollars and cents sent my way.

MotoMatters Calendar 2015MotoMatters Famous MotoGP Calendar 2015 Open Motomatters link in a new window

No, you will not find one of the most popular calendars on Amazon, you will need to go to the web site and buy it there. MotoMatters, the premiere and award-winning motorcycle racing web site on the internet will have their very popular 2015 alendar available shortly. No you'll probably not get it in time for Christmas, but you will get it in time before the new year starts so you can look with admiration at some of the great photos from Scoot Jones. subscribers get a discount, but hurry since they are printed in a limited edition.
Bike EXIF Custom Motorcycle Calendar 2015

Chris Hunter's BikeEXIF web site is a must for any motorcycle lover, with its high quality photos of motorcycles. It's a reference for any custom motorcycle lover, and their annual calendar is a must for many to decorate their walls. Next year's calendar is no exception.

24 pages full of high quality and detailed photos of some of the most interesting motorcycles out there. A wet dream for any collection.
Harley-Davidson 2015 Daily Desk Calendar

No desk is complete without the desk calendar, especially if it's from Harley-Davidson. These photos show you the Harley bikes throughout the years, with a day-at-a-time (except for weekends that care combined in one page) format.

So 300 pages with photos of your favorite motorcycles.
2015 Harley Davidson Wall Calendar

If you're going to get a desk calendar like the one above, you will also need a Harley-Davidson wall calendar for 2015.

Height: 11.500 inches. Width: 11.500 inches. Weight: 0.45 pounds. 
16 Month Sportbike Hotties Calendar

Where would men be if they didn't have a motorcycle calendar with some sexy women on them. Here is one of those calendars covering 16 months.

Poster Size 17"x 28" when hung up
2015 Dreamgirls Wall Calendar

Beautiful girls and beautiful motorcycles, what more do you want ?

Height: 15.000 inches. Width: 15.000 inches. Weight: 0.66 pounds.
IRON & LACE 2015 - Custom Motorcycles & Centerfold Models

From Iron & Lace, some of the most beautiful and sexy female models sitting on some of the most incredible motorcycles.

2015 Scooters Wall Calendar

For scooter lovers the world over, a Height: 12.000 inches. Width: 12.000 inches calendar with photos of beautiful, art worthy, scooters.
2015 Man & Machine Wall Calendar

A 16 month calendar full of motorcycles and sexy guys. This one is for the female motorcycle riders out there. No, the guy's phone is not included.

Height: 11.000 inches. Width: 13.000 inches. 

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